Breast Implant Removal/ Exchange

Why Do I Need an Implant Removal or Exchange?

Before a breast implant, many women don’t know that these are not a permanent solution. For some, it is only when they speak to Dr. Z, they come to understand that one day, and they will need a breast implant exchange.

The reason for these implant exchanges is that the body doesn’t stop aging. Even with implants, there are bodily weight fluctuations, hormones having an effect and one of the common reasons for the implants in the first place, gravity.

To summarize why there is a need for breast implant removal are

Breast implants exceed their lifespan. An implant will last around ten years, although they may require changing sooner than this. The longer an implant is in place, the more chance there is of them rupturing. Every few years, women will need an MRI to check the condition, because these can test what the doctor can’t see.

Implants can harden or ripple over time from the continual pressure from the body. If there are folds forming in the outer layer (the shell), these give a rippling effect, and are signs the implants requires changing. Adding to this, an implant can move or harden, this will give an unnatural feel, so to regain confidence, and women opt for new implants.

What Happens During a Breast Implant Removal or Exchange?

Both procedures are similar, yet if the implants are being removed permanently, new ones won’t be fitted. All the details will be discussed well before patients are put under general anesthesia.

Dr. Zuriarrain will advise in the first consultation, if he can use the first incision points. If this is possible, it will reduce the chances of further scarring. The first step will be to make the incisions and remove the first implants from the breast pockets.

If the patient no longer requires and implant, then he will perform a breast lift and reduce any excess skin. This will give the patient a natural look, yet she will walk away with smaller breasts than she did with her implants.

Candidates who are exchanging their implants can have the same size, smaller, or large depending on her preferences. In the case of older implants, these can be exchanged with newer materials.

Either way, the breasts and implants will be adjusted, before the sutures are closed.

What is Recovery Like from Breast Implant Exchange or Removal?

Once women have these procedures, the recovery will be similar, yet for those who have larger implants, it may feel different.

Dr. Zuriarrain will advise lots of rest over the first few days. Supporting bras will be advisable or elastic bandages to be worn during this initial period for support. If there is major discomfort, oral painkillers can be prescribed. Patients will also experience swelling and bruising over these first few days.

One these first few days are over, the majority of women are back to their regular routine, and Dr. Zuriarrain will advise when they can think of returning to work. In the cases of the breast implant being removed, it could be quicker than the patients who have an implant exchange of the same size or larger.

Depending which particular procedure patients went through, final results can start to be seen once the swelling subsides. In some cases, it can take up to three months before all of the swelling subsides, and the results are seen.

How to Get Started

Choosing a certified team to work with is the first step to a smooth breast surgery. You want a team that helps make your wishes come true and is able to answer all of your questions. You also want to make sure they know all the cutting edge techniques and the best ways to get you the look you want without any extra incisions.