Arm Lift

Why the Need for Arm lift Surgery?

Brachioplasty or more commonly known as an arm lift is a surgical procedure on the upper arm between the elbow and the armpit.

As we age, the skin loses its elastic properties, and begins to sag. This problem is more common in women than it is in men because of the muscle structure in the arms. Many women go to the gym to try to resolve this problem, yet there are limits to how much this can help because of the differences between men and women.

This sagging is their naturally, yet when a candidate is aging or there is severe weight loss, these sags are far more pronounced.

Arm Lift Consultations

Just like other forms of plastic surgery. Dr. Z holds a consultation in his Miami, FL clinic for all candidates. Even if this procedure is not as in-depth as others are, there are still things he needs to know about the patient.

One of the first things to determine is if the individual is a suitable candidate. He will examine the areas of the arm and other auxiliary areas. Reasons for wanting this procedure vary from not being able to wear clothes with short sleeves, clothes don’t fit correctly, and in some instances, there are hygiene issues they encounter.

The doctor will explain there is some trade-off between the new contours and possible scarring in the area.

He will run through the candidate’s medical history and be certain there are no past medical conditions, or medications and herbal supplements they are taking, which can cause complications or affect the results.

One of the last steps of the consultation will be the taking of photographs. These are for further reference to determine the areas of work, and they make up the before and after pictures every patient has.

After a Brachioplasty Operation

There will be swelling and bruising, yet results are noticeable immediately and will come more defined as swelling reduces. Patients may have small drain tubes inserted for up to ten days to collect excess blood and fluids.

To encourage healing and help reduce swelling, patients need to wear compression bandages for the first few weeks. Patients can return to daily operations, although any strenuous activity needs avoiding for the first four weeks. Signs of major scarring will subside, yet there may still be faint signs showing after a few months.

Patients find the results are long lasting, and as long as they maintain a reasonable weight, they can regain their confidence and start to wear the types of clothes they desire.

During an Arm Lift Procedure

At the time of the procedure, they place the patient under general anesthesia. Dr. Zuriarrain marks out the areas where the incisions will be. Depending on the extent of the excess skin and tissues the surgeon will remove, these incisions will be on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm. For extreme cases, they may reach from the axilla (underarm) to the elbow.

The surgeon can use two processes to remove the excess. This can be through excising or they can use liposuction. Here, they push a cannula into the incisions, and with back and forward motions, they dislodge the excess fat, and then suck it from the body.

Once they remove the fat and skin to the desired levels, they tighten the supportive tissues, and the surgeon will smooth the skin back over the new defined contours before closing the incisions.

Either absorbable sutures or stitches, which will be removed after two weeks, are used.   

I’m ready to go for it!

What are the next steps?

If you’re excited to make the leap and talk about your surgery, you want to find a surgeon and a team that you can trust! Our certified and trained surgeon will talk to you about getting you started on the journey to becoming your true self. There’s no time like the present to start making things happen in your life. We are happy to speak with you anytime about scheduling a consultation.