Combination Surgery

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Why Combine Plastic Surgeries?

In the past for candidates to consider multiple plastic surgeries was the province of only the wealthy or the famous. However, as things are now more accessible, many candidates are seeking this option.

Candidates are now finding many benefits from combination surgery. This now delivers results from one spell in the operating theater, delivering cost savings and less risk. There are some common questions candidates need to ask, and we have the answers.

Combination Surgery Miami

What are the Benefits of Combination Surgery?

Less Risk

While there is still a risk with any surgical procedure, when you have combination surgery, you only face one lot of anesthesia. With this, there are less anesthesia-related complications. This alone introduces the body to less stress. While you may think longer time in the operating theater will induce more risks, this isn’t the case.

One Recovery

All procedures require some recovery; however, just because you combine surgeries won’t mean you have an extended recovery period. You can recover from each procedure at the same time, which means less time away from work and only one bout of refraining from your regular activities.

Lower Costs

While this may not be the reasoning behind combination plastic surgery, there is no getting away from lowered costs. With each procedure, there are certain elements where costs are applied. There are the surgeon fees, operating room costs, anesthesiologist costs, among others. Combining surgeries means some of these will reduce, such as the operating theater and the anesthesiologist fees.

Reaching Desired Goals

Rather than facing several procedures throughout an extended period, you can reach your goals almost immediately. You will see more dramatic results with combination surgeries Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Z can perform more than one procedure at the same time, helping achieve your desired results rapidly.

Which Procedures Can be Performed Together?

Dr. Zuriarrain will explain all this to likely candidates because it will depend on areas they wish to focus on. It also depends on the time candidates can take off work. In addition, what procedures will be safe to perform together? Here are three of the most common combination surgery procedures:

Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

Combining these two procedures can deliver the ideal size of breasts, which are fuller, rounder and perkier. This combination will deliver bigger more youthful looking breasts in one go.

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

These two procedures when done together will deliver a facial transformation. The balance can be far more aesthetically pleasing than if only one area was operated on.

Tummy Tucks and Liposuction

Combining these two procedures can be the perfect solution for mothers. It is easy to have a flat stomach with the tummy tuck, while liposuction can take care of the unwanted love handles on their waist. Combining these not only deliver fantastic results in these key areas, but as with the other procedures, there will be a reduction in the amount of scarring some patients may face.

Miami Combination Procedures

The first step to receiving a smooth and safe surgery is to choose a certified doctor like Dr. Z to work with. He is an experienced surgeon leading a skillful team, here to help you achieve the body you’ve always desired with combination surgeries in Miami.

How Many Surgical Procedures Can I Have at Once?

This will be one of the subjects under discussion with Dr. Z in a patient's consultation. While some may decide they want multiple procedures, not everyone is a suitable patient. The doctor will advise which combination surgeries are best, and how many procedures the patient can safely endure.

There will also be a more thorough examination as the procedures may include multiple areas, some of which may relate to each other. Dr. Zuriarrain will delve into a Miami combination surgery patients past and current medical history, because he will need to err on the side of caution to make sure they are healthy enough to undergo a longer period of anesthesia, and face the more substantial recovery.

Combination Surgery in Miami

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