Back Lift

What is a Back Lift?

There can be a need for this procedure in both men and women. They can spend years exercising only to find they cannot shift fat from the back. In women, this often falls around the line of the bra.

A back lift will use liposuction to remove fat pockets, though they did design this procedure to remove sagging skin, which comes with age, extreme weight loss or excessive exposure to the sun.

While men can suffer this, they tend not to experience the same extent of a problem as women do from sun exposure or during aging. In their case, it is mainly losing excessive amounts of weight.

Back Lift Consultations

An initial consultation with Dr. Z will be more in-depth with women than it is for men due to the extent of problem they may face. In both cases, he will need to determine if the person is a suitable client for the procedure.

He will conduct a thorough examination to be sure the candidate fits all the criteria. Once he finishes inspecting the skin elasticity and amount of fat he can remove, his attention will go to past medical history.

In this part of the consultation, the doctor will ask if the patient is taking any prescription medication, herbal remedies, and in the case of men, he may ask if they use steroids. Ruling these out means, he will be sure there will be no complications during the procedure.

When he is happy, he will take pictures of the areas that need attention. These will be for reference and to make up the before and after pictures.

Back Lift Surgery

They mark out of the areas with the patient standing. From here, they will go under general anesthesia.

They first make an incision across the back. For women, the line of their bra hides this once the procedure is over. The first step will involve liposuction to remove excess fat. To do this, they insert a thin cannula, and with suction, they draw these fat deposits from the back.

Apart from removing the fat pockets, it goes a long way to sculpting the new contours of the back. Once they finish liposuction, they turn their attention to excising excess skin. They will smooth this over the new contours before deciding on the amount to remove.

At this stage, they will cut off the excess, and then close the incision. Depending on the extent of the task, or if there are additional areas included, the entire procedure can take up to six hours to complete.

Some patients may require an overnight stay so they can have supervision after the procedure. This is patient dependent, and in the majority of procedures, they perform this as an outpatient procedure.

Recovery from Back Lift Surgery

After the procedure, patients can return home under the supervision of another adult. It is advisable for patients to refrain from physical activity for two weeks, and patients need to wear compression garments. These help control swelling and form the new back contours.

For women, they will not be able to wear a bra for the first couple of weeks. After this, they should seek a soft bra, which has a wide transverse strap.

There will be soreness, swelling and bruising, all of which can be controlled from prescribed painkillers. Drainage tubes may be an inclusion to remove excess fluid and help prevent infection.

After around ten days, patients can return to regular activities. Anything strenuous, and they need to refrain from this for the first couple of months, or unless Dr. Zuriarrain advises differently.

Scars will minimize between 6 to 12 months, and for women, they locate these so their bra strap can hide the scar.

Because these procedures are on the back. Patients may not see, the results, yet they will feel the difference in how their clothes fit, and the kinds of clothes they can wear.

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