Why Would I Choose Fillers?

As we age, there are many changes the body goes through, none more so than the appearance of the skin. One of the underlying causes for many issues is volume loss. This can aid in the production of lines, wrinkles and creases where they never used to be previously.

While plastic surgery delivers long lasting results, there are many individuals who look for a faster alternative, which is less invasive.

Injectable fillers are one solution in the fight to combat these changes in the skin. Once applied, they restore volume loss and smooth out the skin to deliver a more youthful appearance. While this is their primary use, they are ideal in other areas, such as non-surgical lip augmentation, or as we know, plumping up the lips to give a fuller look.

Before Injectable Fillers Procedures

Dr. Zuriarrain will hold an initial consultation with every patient who wishes to know more about injectable fillers. There, he will determine the patient’s aspirations from the procedure, and educate them on areas where they can benefit.

These include

  • Depressions in the cheeks and smile lines, which run from the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  • Redefining the lip border and reducing marionette lines at the mouth corners
  • Reducing the effects of burn and acne scars among others
  • Lines across the brow and between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes

These are the more common benefits, as there are differing kinds of dermal fillers that are designed to deliver different results on different parts of the body.

What Happens After a Dermal Fillers Procedure?

Depending on the areas and the extent of the filler’s application, will determine how patients feel after the procedure. Many wait in Dr. Z’s Miami, FL clinic until the numbness fades before they go about their regular activities.

There are many patients who return to work, or their daily business, yet there are some patients who experience light swelling and bruising. The main thing is that results will be noticeable immediately for some patients and the areas where treatment was delivered.

Using derma fillers is not a permanent fix, and over time, these are absorbed into the body. To maintain the effects, which can last for around twelve months, there will be follow up sessions required.

These sessions are a great way to fight the signs of aging without any invasive procedures, and the discomfort, which some patients find off-putting. No matter which fillers will be used, Dr. Zuriarrain will determine the best line of treatment to deliver the best results.

During a Dermal Filler Procedure

When it is time for the procedure, patients will be made comfortable. Because a numbing gel will be applied to areas where the fillers are to be injected, this will be up to an hour before the procedure.

Once there is numbness and the areas for treatment are marked, then Dr. Zuriarrain will proceed to administer the injections using micro-needles. While these don’t hurt, the numbing agent does deliver more comfort for the patient.

The entire process can take as little as 30-minutes depending on the extent of the treatment. Once all the injections are over, they will give the areas a gentle massage to make them appear more natural.

I’m ready to go for it!

What are the next steps?

You’re making a great choice! Any steps you can take now to reverse the signs of aging on your skin will have life-long benefits for anti-aging. To go ahead and schedule a consultation, call our office at anytime and we will work with your schedule to ensure you get all the time you need to learn about your procedure.