Inverted Nipple Correction
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More than ten percent of women have inverted nipples on either one or both breasts. Tight bands of tissue pull the nipple inward, causing the inversion (and the self-consciousness that comes with it). Luckily, there is a new minimally-invasive surgical procedure called inverted nipple correction that requires little downtime and offers great results.

Quadruple board-certified surgeon Dr. Alexander Zuriarrain at Zuri Plastic Surgery strives to deliver the best inverted nipple correction Miami has to offer and is one of only a handful of specialists around the country performing this technique. Due to his specialization with innovative breast procedures, he understands the specific nerve supply to the nipple and how to prevent damage or loss of sensitivity when going through this procedure.

Inverted Nipple Correction Miami

What causes inverted nipples?

Women and men of all ages can have inverted nipples. Tight or shortened breast duct tissue around the nipple pulls it into the surrounding areola. Many people are simply born with inverted nipples; others might develop them over time.

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery in Miami

What is inverted nipple correction, and is it right for me?

There are three different grades of nipple inversion, which will determine what method is best suited for you.

Grade one and two nipples are not permanently inverted and will protrude with some type of stimulation. Grade three inversion will not protrude no matter the manipulation. There are non-surgical solutions for less severe cases. However, those have limited success.

Patients with all forms of nipple inversion can expect fantastic results from inverted nipple correction at Zuri Plastic Surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Zuriarrain will discuss the various methods of correction with you to help you determine which one makes the most sense for you.

How does the inverted nipple correction procedure work?

Inverted Nipple Correction is a minimally invasive procedure in which Dr. Zuriarrain will make a small incision to release the shortened fibers around the nipple. In some cases, to help hold the shape of the nipple in place, he inserts a small piece of surgical mesh called GalaSHAPE® to ensure proper placement and correction.

For more severe cases, a cone-shaped piece of GalaSHAPE® will be placed under the nipple, keeping the nipple from pulling inward. The mesh dissolves on its own over the next two years. After Dr. Z applies the mesh, he carefully applies sutures to help maintain the outward position of the nipple.

Only a handful of surgeons across the country perform this procedure. Dr. Zuriarrain chose to join this elite group because he believes the procedure creates far more successful results. After 18 months, your nipples will be considered permanently corrected.

Miami inverted Nipple Correction

Choosing a certified and experienced surgeon is the first step to getting the inverted nipple correction you need. At Zuri Plastic Surgery, we care about our patients and work hard to make the kind of changes that will improve the quality of your life. By using our experience, skill and modern techniques, we can provide you with the solution you've been looking for.

What is the recovery time?

Since the incisions are minimal, there will be minimal downtime with inverted nipple correction. You can return to work the next day. Light exercise can be resumed within three days post-surgery. Strenuous exercise should be put on hold for two weeks. Dr. Z also recommends wearing a compression bra for around two weeks to protect the area and reduce swelling and scarring.

The first few days after the surgery, it's common to experience sensitivity around the nipples. You will also need to change the gauze every day. The sutures dissolve within a couple of weeks on their own, so there will be no need to have them removed.

Miami Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery
Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery in Miami

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Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery FAQs

Will I have scars?

Scarring is minimal and usually not noticeable because the incisions are tiny. Dr. Z carefully places his incisions to hide any scarring during the healing process.

Will I be in pain during recovery?

Most Miami inverted nipple correction patients don't feel any discomfort during recovery, so it's rare that you will need anything beyond a Tylenol.

What are the risks?

It's normal to see some bruising and swelling of the nipple area following the procedure. For the first three weeks following the procedure, there might be some drainage from the nipple. Rare complications include bleeding, infection, nerve damage, hematoma, or scarring.

What kind of anesthesia is used during the procedure?

Dr. Zuriarrain performs the minimally invasive surgery in his office, using only local anesthesia. The surgery takes around 30 minutes.

Will I be able to breastfeed after inverted nipple correction?

While some women with inverted nipples can breastfeed, it might be difficult for the baby to latch on.

If your inversion is severe, Dr. Zuriarrain will have to release the milk ducts that keep pulling the nipple inward and use mesh to help the nipple stay outward. That would mean the patient would no longer be able to breastfeed.

If you're planning on having children, we recommend you put the inverted nipple correction procedure off until after you finish breastfeeding.

What are the advantages of inverted nipple correction?

  • It's a minimally invasive procedure done in the office under local anesthesia
  • It only takes 30 minutes
  • Little to no downtime
  • Incisions are small with no noticeable scarring
  • Instant results

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