Neck Lift

Who needs a Neck Lift?

A few factors can lead to individuals looking toward a neck lift. This can be from weight gain or excessive weight loss, there is a heredity problem, or the effects of aging is taking its toll on the lower portion of the face.

This problem often includes the jawline, and thus can be performed in tandem with a facelift. Skin, muscles and tissue can settle out of position, once this happens then the facial structure changes, and in extreme cases, it can pull on other facial areas.

When individuals have this loose appearance in their skin, there will be folds of skin and deep creases forming because the skin loses its elasticity and the muscles are lax.

Before a Neck Lift

Dr. Zuriarrain will hold an initial consultation with every candidate for this procedure. First, he will determine the reasoning the patients wants the procedure, and then checks their past and current medical history.

Once he sees they meet all the criteria, such as no prescribed medication, recreational drugs, herbal supplements or the candidate is refraining from smoking or drinking heavily, he will conduct an examination of the skin in the problem areas.

He may recommend an accompanying procedure, or a neck lift as a standalone procedure is enough to reach the patients ideal goals. He will take measurements and pictures for reference and as part of the before and after pictures.

During a Neck Lift Procedure

Neck lifts can be done under local or general anesthesia. At this stage, an incision will be made under the chin. Here the connecting tissues will be released from the muscles. While using short motions, this process is less traumatic and delivers more natural and longer lasting results.

Once all these are loosened, the skin will be adjusted so that the sags and the creases are no more. If patients have excessive fat deposits, then liposuction may be used to remove this before the skin is smoothed back over the underlying tissues and any excess skin is removed.

This can also lead to a better contour of the lower portion of the face, and a youthful appearance. In extreme cases, Platysma Corsetplasty may be recommended where a face with a neck lift can correct a jawline where there are excess jowls and the muscles are extremely lax.

After a Neck Lift Procedure

There will be swelling and bruising, yet the level of discomfort can vary. It may be a recommendation a patient wears a chinstrap to relieve pressure, reduce swelling and to promote healing.

Dr. Zuriarrain will recommend keeping the head elevated above heart level and not to twist their head or neck too much. Patients can leave on the same day and can be back at work within a couple of weeks once all the swelling goes down. Scars will fade over time, and this should not be seen by the placement, which is out of sight.

The results of a neck lift by Dr. Zuriarrain will be seen over the coming months where there should be no makeup worn, or a good sun cream is used when outdoors.