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Earlobes can suffer from long-term damage after they have been ripped, stretched or weighted down.

Earlobe repair involves a reversal of damage to an ear and restoration of the contour and symmetry of the lobe. It is designed to alter the appearance of an earlobe following trauma or congenital birth defect.

The typical earlobe repair procedure can take up to one hour depending on your specific needs. It can be performed as an outpatient surgery under local or sedation anesthesia. When it comes to an earlobe repair, Zuri Plastic Surgery in Miami, can perform surgery to improve the appearance of an earlobe. Even if the damage is permanent, Dr. Zuriarrain can help to restore the earlobes to their normal shape.

Earlobe Repair Miami

Earlobe Repair FAQS

Am I a candidate for earlobe repair?

If you feel self-conscious about the size and shape of your earlobes, have a birth defect or suffered an injury, you are definitely a good candidate for an earlobe repair procedure.

What are the risks with an earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is a surgery with some potential side effects, including scarring, asymmetry and hematoma. These are all rare because our goal is not only that you receive the best earlobe repair Miami has to offer, but also a safe one. That's why Zuri Plastic Surgery takes precautions to ensure patient safety.

What are the results of an earlobe repair?

You will see immediate results following your procedure. However, the final results can take up to six months until the swelling settles and goes away.

Types of Earlobe Repairs

When it comes to earlobe repairs, there are multiple types of surgical options:

Earlobe reduction restores the lobes to normalcy to fit the rest of the ear.

Keloid scar eradicates scars that develop around piercings.

Split earlobe reverses the tearing or stretching of heavy earrings or when earlobes split.

Stretched earlobe repairs ear gauges damage and brings back symmetry and the correct proportions to your earlobes.

Miami Earlobe Repair

One of the first steps to getting earlobe repair in Miami is choosing an experienced surgeon. A certified and experienced surgeon like Dr. Z can perform an earlobe repair to fix a traumatized earlobe. Call today to have Dr. Z restore your ears with earlobe repair surgery.

Reasons for an earlobe repair

There can be any number of cosmetic reasons why someone is looking to get an earlobe repair. Sometimes, it is a birth defect, an accident or a lifestyle change. An earlobe repair can correct or alter your earlobes to fit your face more proportionally by dealing with issues such as:

  • Change appearance, especially for career purposes
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Enlarged earlobes
  • A hairstyle is easier to wear without the visibility of damaged or torn earlobes
  • Get a more symmetrical appearance
  • Injured earlobes
  • Irregularly shaped earlobes
  • Repair split or torn earlobes
  • Stretching from earrings
  • Switch to more conservative earrings
  • Tired of drooping earlobes
  • To improve self-esteem
Earlobe Repair in Miami

Alexander Zuriarrain, MD, FACS

Earlobe Repair Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Zuriarrain, you will learn a lot about earlobe repairs and decide what is best for you. He will go over your health history and answer your questions.

Using an individual approach Dr. Z tailors every procedure to each patient’s body type and desires to lead them to making the best decisions. It is this thorough approach that makes the difference to consistently achieve the targeted results. Dr. Z has won many awards from plastic surgery associations such as the National Association of Plastic Surgeons and the National Academy of Plastic Surgeons, and has published his work in peer-reviewed journals.

As a quadruple board-certified surgeon, Dr. Z has years of experience helping people like you with earlobe repairs in Miami. He creates a comfortable environment for your procedure and makes your visit a relaxing and welcoming experience.

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Recovery After Earlobe Repair

Most Miami earlobe repair patients return to work or school a few days after the procedure. Here are some tips to keep in mind during your recovery:

  • Stitches are removed after about a week
  • Avoid strenuous activities for at least a month 
  • Avoid any activities that involve bending your ear
  • Swelling will be noticeable at first and will decrease over the next six months
  • If you are looking to have your ears pierced again, you should wait eight weeks or so; avoid heavy or bulky earrings
Earlobe Repair Miami FL

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