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For some patients, this little-known tummy tuck technique is the secret to a tighter abdomen.

Tummy tucks are one of the most popular body contouring procedures following extreme weight loss and pregnancy. Yet the surgery is not one-size-fits-all. A small number of patients qualify for a rare type of abdominoplasty known as a Reverse Tummy Tuck.

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Reverse Tummy Tuck at Zuri Plastic Surgery

Quadruple board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Zuriarrain has performed thousands of tummy tucks during his illustrious medical career. As one of Miami’s premier surgeons for abdominoplasty, he has helped countless patients sculpt their curves and tighten saggy skin, allowing them to feel beautiful inside and out.

What is a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

Our Miami Reverse Tummy Tuck procedure trims off excess skin and fat from the abdomen with incisions placed under the breast crease. It may also include abdominal muscle repair. While this technique is relatively uncommon, your surgeon might recommend it over a traditional tummy tuck if sagging is mainly on the upper abdomen, with minimal excess skin below the navel line.

Reverse Tummy Tuck vs Traditional Tummy Tuck

Unlike a standard tummy tuck, reverse abdominoplasty elevates the skin toward the breasts rather than pulling it down toward the pubic bone. The reverse technique features incisions placed below the inframammary fold rather than a hip-to-hip incision. Both smooth and tighten the abdominal tissue and may include repairing separated ab muscles. The reverse technique has a lifting and smoothing effect on the entire abdomen, similar to a full tummy tuck. However, it won’t remove stretch marks on the lower abdomen due to the incision placement.

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Benefits of a Reverse Tummy Tuck

Skin folds after weight loss or pregnancy can make clothes fit poorly and lead to skin irritation or chafing. It can also cause body confidence to plummet, leading some patients to shy away from intimacy and socializing. Tightening and toning the abdomen allows patients to feel more confident and attractive when they look in the mirror. With a Reverse Tummy Tuck Miami patients can feel great knowing they can wear their favorite swimsuits and dresses again once the lax skin and muscle separation are no longer issues.

Reverse Tummy Tuck Candidates

Prime candidates have excess skin and fat primarily concentrated on the central and upper abdomen, with little-to-no excess tissue in the area underneath the belly button. These issues may be the result of carrying a pregnancy high on the belly or a tendency to store fat higher on the abdomen and then lose weight. To be considered for Reverse Tummy Tuck in Miami, you will need to be physically healthy, have realistic goals, and not currently be pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the next year. Patients should be near their ideal weight for optimal results.

Consultation and Preparation

Dr. Z will sit down with you to discuss your aesthetic concerns, how it impacts your life, and what you hope to accomplish with body contouring surgery. He will answer your questions thoughtfully and explain what to expect before, during, and after surgery in detail. Before a Reverse Tummy Tuck, patients must avoid smoking and herbal remedies or medications that thin the blood. Lab work may be needed based on your medical history.

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Alexander Zuriarrain, MD, FACS

The Consultation

Dr. Zuriarrain looks forward to meeting with you for your initial consultation and discuss the many factors to consider with a Reverse Tummy Tuck procedure. He has spent many years helping candidates such as yourself understand the details of a Reverse Tummy Tuck procedure.

Dr. Z will do a thorough examination of your mid-section, evaluating the size and shape, and the quality of your skin. It is important that you and Dr. Z discuss your current health, any prior health conditions.

  • Familial breast cancer history
  • Biopsies or mammograms history
  • Drug allergies or current medical conditions or treatments
  • Use of tobacco, supplements, recreational drugs or alcohol
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Reverse Tummy Tuck Procedure

The operation generally lasts two to five hours and takes place under general anesthesia. Dr. Z makes two elliptical incisions on the upper abdomen, close to the breast fold. He trims away the excessive tissue and repairs the separated abdominal muscles if necessary. The incisions are then closed and dressed.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Every patient recovers at their own pace. Most return to sedentary work within two weeks and full exercise within 4-6 weeks. Your abdomen will have some swelling, bruising, numbness, and discomfort initially, which prescribed medications and wearing a compression garment will alleviate. Full results are visible within six months to a year, and the surgical scars take an average of 12 months to fade

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Why choose Zuri Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Z is one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons since he is quadruple board-certified. He is well-versed in all tummy tuck techniques, including the Reverse Tummy Tuck — an operation most surgeons rarely perform. He and his staff focus on providing world-class care in an upscale, gorgeous setting that puts their patients at ease.

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Reverse Tummy Tuck FAQS

How common is a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

While this procedure is not very common, your surgeon may recommend it instead of a standard tummy tuck if the sagging skin is primarily concentrated in the upper abdominal region, with minimal surplus skin below the navel.

What are the risks associated with a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

The potential risks and complications associated with a reverse tummy tuck are similar to the traditional tummy tuck procedure and can include scarring, bruising, bleeding, and infection. The procedure is generally safe, and any symptoms should subside over time.

How long do Reverse Tummy Tuck results last?

The results of a Reverse Tummy Tuck are permanent and are designed to last for many years. Nevertheless, several factors may potentially reduce the duration of these results, such as significant weight fluctuations exceeding 10 pounds, pregnancy, or stretch marks, which could influence how long your results last.

Do Reverse Tummy Tucks cause weight loss?

A reverse tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure and is not intended to cause weight loss. You should be at or near your ideal weight before starting the procedure for optimal results.

How long do Reverse Tummy Tuck results last?

The cost of the reverse tummy tuck will vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the procedure and the extent of skin that will be treated. Typically, the cost of a reverse tummy tuck will be similar to that of the standard tummy tuck.

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