Secondary Breast Augmentation
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Find Renewed Confidence and Refined Results

Whether you're seeking a secondary breast augmentation to update your original results or due to complications, this procedure can give you a new outlook and improve your overall appearance. Fully customized and personalized breast revision surgery with a skilled surgeon can be the fulfilling experience you've been seeking.

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Secondary Breast Augmentation at Zuri Plastic Surgery

At Zuri Plastic Surgery, your journey to renewed beauty and confidence is in trusted hands. Renowned Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Zuri leads our team, and we are committed to providing top-tier care and transformative results with Secondary Breast Augmentation in Miami, at our luxurious facility.

What is Secondary Breast Augmentation?

Secondary Breast Augmentation, also known as breast revision, breast implant revision or breast implant replacement, is a specialized cosmetic procedure designed to enhance or refine the size, shape, position, or appearance of the breasts. This technique involves adjusting your current implants or replacing existing breast implants with new ones. Innovative technology and totally customized care ensure that your revision is tailored to your unique goals and expectations.

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When is a Secondary Breast Augmentation necessary?

There are several reasons why individuals opt for our Miami Secondary Breast Augmentation procedure:

Benefits of Secondary Breast Augmentation

This procedure provides an opportunity to tailor your breast appearance with precision and care. With Secondary Breast Augmentation Miami patients are offered various benefits, including:

  • Improved Aesthetics: Achieve your desired breast shape, size, and profile.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Feel more self-assured and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Tailored Results: Customize your breast augmentation to align with your unique vision.
  • Reduced Complications: Address any issues or complications from previous breast surgeries.
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Alexander Zuriarrain, MD, FACS

The Consultation

Dr. Zuriarrain looks forward to meeting with you for your initial consultation and discuss the many factors to consider with a Secondary Breast Augmentation procedure. He has spent many years helping candidates such as yourself understand the details of a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Z will do a thorough examination of your breasts, evaluating their size and shape, the location of your nipples and areolas, and the quality of your skin. It is important that you and Dr. Z discuss your current health, any prior health conditions.

  • Familial breast cancer history
  • Biopsies or mammograms history
  • Drug allergies or current medical conditions or treatments
  • Use of tobacco, supplements, recreational drugs or alcohol
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Consultation and Preparation

During your consultation, Dr. Zuri will discuss your goals, evaluate your current breast implants, and create a customized treatment plan. To prepare for the procedure, you may need to follow specific guidelines, including tissue expansion if necessary.


Secondary Breast Augmentation, sometimes referred to as a capsuloplasty, is similar to your initial surgery and will involve many of the same steps. It will be performed under general anesthesia, and the same incisions will be used if possible. Depending on your goals, Dr. Zuri will either replace or adjust your implants as previously discussed and then the incisions will be carefully closed.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

You'll receive instructions on post-treatment care, including managing any incisions and scar prevention, which should be followed closely. Recovery times may vary but should be close to the same as your initial surgery. Primary results can be seen soon after the procedure, with continued improvements as swelling subsides, but final outcomes may not be visible until up to a year after your procedure.

Why Zuri Plastic Surgery?

At Zuri Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction. Quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Zuriarrain, or Dr. Z, possesses unmatched skills, and our highly trained team is thoroughly dedicated to delivering the exceptional results you deserve.

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What are the risks of Secondary Breast Augmentation?

Secondary breast augmentation carries similar risks to an initial breast augmentation, including rare risks like infection, scarring, implant rupture, and changes in nipple sensation.

Is Secondary Breast Augmentation common?

Yes, Secondary Breast Augmentation is a common procedure for patients seeking adjustments or improvements to their previous breast augmentation results.

Will I have to wear support garments after Secondary Breast Augmentation?

Support garments, such as a surgical bra or compression band, are recommended to aid in healing and support your newly augmented breasts during recovery.

Will breast surgery increase my risk of breast cancer or other complications?

Breast surgery, including Secondary Breast Augmentation, does not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, it's essential to maintain regular breast health checkups and mammograms as recommended by your doctor.

How much does Secondary Breast Augmentation cost?

The cost of secondary breast augmentation varies based on individual factors and the specific details of your procedure. During your consultation, we'll provide a personalized quote tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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