B12 Shots

What are B12 Shots?

As individuals age, the ability of the body to absorb B12 will diminish. This can leave individuals being forgetful or continually tired. This vitamin is found in foods like meats, dairy products and eggs among others. From here, it will play a vital role in the production of red blood cells so the brain can function correctly.

One other benefit, which is found with B12 shots are the effects, they have for anti-aging. These injections can improve the appearance of skin to deliver youthful appearances, and to improve energy.

Benefits of B12 Injections

Benefits of B12 shots are best seen when taken at regular intervals. The period of which Dr. Zuriarrain will advise on in a quick and brief consultation for these.

He will also explain what B12 is, and how it can help in specific areas. B12 is a soluble vitamin which can be deficient in some people due to illness or unhealthy eating.

In the case of appearance, B12 boosts the production of red blood cells. This is vital for healthy looking hair, nails and most importantly the skin. With a regular B12 shot, you can boost your overall appearance, and fend off some signs of aging especially wrinkles, fine lines and brittle nails.

Energy levels are also another area where patients feel the benefits. This is because B12 will help the body convert the foods you eat. Some individuals even find they lose weight after these regular shots because their metabolism increases, as well as being more active.

What Happens in a B12 Shot Procedure?

These only require a quick visit to the Miami. FL clinic of Dr. Zuriarrain. If you are a regular visitor, you will only be there for around ten minutes for the B12 shot to be administered. Patients say there are very few if any side effects, and you can leave feeling energized and knowing the benefits will be working on your appearance as you go about your daily activities.

It is widely known in medical circles, the B12 will be absorbed faster by injection than if taken orally because it bypasses the digestive system and when injected into the buttock, it goes directly to the blood stream.

Energy can be felt almost immediately, and patients leave the clinic feeling like a different person.

Can Dr. Zuriarrain Recommend B12 Shots?

Paying a visit to Dr. Zuriarrain, he can look at your medical history and evaluate your health and lifestyle. He will determine if you can benefit from these shots and advise accordingly.

With regular visits, patients can ensure they are giving their body the best chance to improve forgetfulness and enhance the overall beatification of their appearance.

In some instances, these shots may be advised with other plastic surgery procedures. This can prolong the results of these procedures and deliver the maximum anti-aging therapy.

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What are the next steps?

You’re making a great choice! Any steps you can take now to reverse the signs of aging on your skin will have life-long benefits for anti-aging. To go ahead and schedule a consultation, call our office at anytime and we will work with your schedule to ensure you get all the time you need to learn about your procedure.