Scar Removal

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What is scar removal?

Scar Removal (also known as scar revision) is a surgical procedure that can minimize a scar’s appearance by harmonizing it into the skin, usually following a traumatic injury. The goal is to make the scar as inconspicuous as possible and blend it in with the surrounding skin. Poor healing creates unsightly and more obvious scars depending on their size and location.

As a reconstructive process, scar removal can reform a scar’s appearance and enhance the skin’s function. The recommendation is to wait a year after scarring. If you need Scar Removal in Mimai we can help address aesthetic issues related to your scar at Zuri Plastic Surgery of Miami.

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Scar Removal FAQS

Am I a candidate for a Scar Removal?

If you have a scar from an accident or even a birthmark, you are a good candidate for scar removal. The good news is that scar removal is a procedure that can be performed on people of all ages as long as they are in good physical health, do not smoke, and do not have active acne or other skin diseases.

What are the risks of a Scar Removal?

During your consultation, I like to spend time explaining the particulars of the surgery so you understand what is involved and how it will benefit you.

I am a fully trained surgeon and take the necessary time to limit any potential risks involved in these procedures. At Zuri Plastic Surgery, my staff and I are dedicated and focussed on your safety and giving you the best results from your Scar Removal Miami can offer you. I provide you with a very meticulous and precise surgery and make myself available after your procedure to ensure a safe and proper recovery.

What are the results of a Scar Removal?

The results from your scar revision will be long-lasting and it may take several months to see the final results. It may take a year for your new scar to completely heal and fade away.

Miami Scar Removal

Scar Removal Procedure

In order to determine the procedure which will achieve the results you are looking for Dr. Z will examine your scar to determine its severity based on type, size, and location. Depending on the nature of your scar, he may recommend that you receive local or general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The type of procedure will vary to fit your specific situation. Dr. Z will direct which one is right for your circumstance.

Know that you are in good hands with the caring and skilled staff at Zuri Plastic Surgery. Dr. Z is a certified and experienced surgeon who understands scar revisions and how best to improve on the appearance of scars. To find out about the Scar Removal techniques Miami has to offer, call Zuri Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.

The first step to receiving your Miami Scar Removal procedure is to choose a certified doctor like Dr. Z to work with. He is an experienced surgeon leading a skillful team that uses proven techniques to get you the look you want.

Types of Scar Removals

Here are some of the options for a scar revision:

Z-plasty can alter your scar to conform to your skin’s natural lines and creases and make it more inconspicuous. Created in a “Z” pattern, this technique works well for scars with symptoms such as contracted, depressed, linear, pincushion-like, raised, or webbed. A Z-plasty can remove an old scar to create new incisions on each side of triangular skin flaps

W-plasty can decrease the appearance of your scar with several triangles cut along both sides of it. The zigzag pattern constructs an irregular broken line which reflects light in a poor manner that makes it more difficult to see the original scar. It is not used for longer scars.

Skin grafting takes scar tissue away and replaces it with healthy skin from a donor site, another part of your body. The transferred skin connects with your blood vessels and scar tissue.

Tissue expansion is an inflatable balloon that is placed under your skin near your scar and allows a sterile solution to be added to fill it in. This technique stretches your healthy skin until the scar tissue can be removed.

Flap surgery - involving the skin and its underlying fat, blood vessels and muscles from a strong, healthy part of your body to the new targeted site.

There are other options depending on what your specific situation calls for. There are a number of surface treatments that can smooth irregularities and decrease pigmentation.

  • Dermabrasion can soften facial scars and provide a smoother skin surface by shaving the top layers of your skin.
  • Chemical peels invade the skin’s surface to remove irregularities.
  • Laser or light therapy allows new skin to form at the scar site by making changes to your skin’s surface.
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Recovery After Scar Removal

Everyone heals differently when it comes to scarring. Multiple factors including age, health, and the location of an injury, each play a role in the visibility and healing of scars. A scar revision can improve or alter the look of your scar reducing it's appearance significantly.

I care about my Miami Scar Removal patients and make myself available after your procedure to ensure a safe and proper recovery. Here are some tips for your recovery:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Pain medication can be prescribed for comfort
  • If your incision starts to bleed, contact us immediately
  • You will likely feel some discomfort for a few days 
  • Doing light movements around your home will help your wound to heal
  • However, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activities 
  • Stay out of direct sunlight, especially for the first few weeks

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