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You can experience much emotional strain from having misshapen, prominent or protruding ears.

Children can be teased or bullied for the way their ears appear to other children. Having prominent large ears can be a source of stress, especially if you like wearing your hair short. It can affect the way we feel about ourselves and our confidence in social settings.

But you don't have to continue to live feeling self-conscious about your ears. Dr. Zuriarrain can alter the appearance of your ears and change your life. Otoplasty can help reshape your ear and provide the most natural-looking and attractive result. The procedure will restore facial balance by modifying your external ear and restoring the natural angle between your ear and your scalp. When it comes to Otoplasty Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Z, can help address issues related to your ears and give you a normal and balanced appearance.

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Otoplasty FAQS

Am I a candidate for Otoplasty?

If you have protruding ears, long or large ears, or misshapen or prominent ears, you are definitely a good candidate for Otoplasty in Miami. It may be that you are unhappy with the shape and proportion of your ears. Ear surgery can be performed on anyone, including children beginning at age four to six years old. Young children need to be mature enough to understand how their ears are different and what is involved with this type of procedure. Anyone undergoing an otoplasty needs to be in good physical health.

What are the risks of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a safe procedure that can correct many of the issues with the ears. It is a surgery meaning there are possible complications to be aware of, including asymmetry, bleeding, blood clots requiring draining, changes in sensation, infection of cartilage, scarring, and skin irregularities.

What are the results of Otoplasty?

Once your bandages are removed, you will see immediate results in the appearance of your ears. Swelling slowly decreases -- meaning it can take up to six months before you notice the full impact of the permanent changes to your ears.

What age can my child have an Otoplasty?

It can be as young as age four. It depends on the child, their maturity and unique circumstances. It is important for your child to understand what the procedure is about and what it can do. They need to be comfortable to go through with the surgery.

What is Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that decreases the size of large ears, brings protruding ears closer to the head or treats misshapen ears by pulling them back in a way that creates balance to the ears. With more natural-looking and proportional ears, our Miami Otoplasty procedure makes prominent ears less noticeable and makes someone less self-conscious about their ears.

By reshaping the ear, it gives confidence, especially for young children and teenagers. The typical otoplasty can take up to three hours depending on the nature of the surgery. For young children, general anesthesia is usually administered. Older children and adults receive general or local anesthesia with sedation. An incision is usually done in the crease behind the ear where the cartilage is sculpted or bent back to the head to reshape the ear cartilage on the inside. Cartilage may be removed based on the size of the ear and the goal of the surgery.

There are usually no visible scars on the front surface of the ear so it's hard for anyone to know you’ve had ear surgery. The incision may be placed on the front of the ear when dealing with larger ears. At the end of the procedure, sutures are used to close the incisions. The aim of an otoplasty is to make your ears less prominent by bringing your ears closer to your head giving you a more normal appearance. After the surgery, your ears will organically better fit your profile and no longer be a source of attention.

Miami Otoplasty

A certified and experienced surgeon like Dr. Z can perform an otoplasty and take care of reshaping your ears to properly fit your profile and take away the self-consciousness from having a prominent or misshapen ear. At Zuri Plastic Surgery, our staff works hard to provide you with not only the best service but also the kind of outcome that will transform your life. For your Otoplasty in Miami contact Dr. Z, an experienced and caring surgeon who delivers excellent results.

Reasons for Otoplasty

There are many benefits in having an otoplasty and changing the appearance of your ears:

  • Decrease large ears
  • Fix ear injuries
  • Resolve congenital anomalies
  • Will bring prominent ears closer to your head
  • Will stop being self-conscious about your ears
  • Alter the look of your ears for a consistent image
  • A more proportionate appearance to your face and head
  • Can correct abnormalities and birth defects
  • Help a child against bullying when teased about their ears
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Alexander Zuriarrain, MD, FACS

Otoplasty Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Zuriarrain will give you a chance to learn about the otoplasty procedure and what it can achieve for you.

During your consultation for our Miami Otoplasty procedure, Dr. Z will assess your specific needs and discuss your health history. He will make recommendations on how to prepare for your surgery, including diet and medications. Dr. Z and his caring staff have created a comfortable environment that will make your visit a relaxing and welcoming experience.

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Recovery After Otoplasty

Dr. Z and his experienced staff will help to guide you during your recovery. After a week or two, your ears will no longer be obvious to other people. Most of our Miami otoplasty patients return to work in a week or so.

For a child, it is important to avoid any activity that involves bending of the ear. When they go back to school, they should be careful during certain activities such as when they are on the playground. It is also a good idea to let their teacher(s) know about the surgery and have them help monitor their activities for a few weeks. Here are some other things to look for:

  • It's perfectly normal to feel some discomfort for a few days
  • Make sure you get lots of rest and stay hydrated for the first couple of days after your procedure
  • You may wear a compression dressing around your ears to help decrease swelling
  • You want to avoid sleeping on your side and not put pressure on your ears
  • Typically, swelling can last up to two weeks
  • There may be some itchiness, which you should not scratch
  • No strenuous activities for at least a month depending on your current health
  • And avoid swimming and contact sports for a few months
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