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Learn about cosmetic breast surgery options in Miami with Dr. Zuriarrain.

What You Will Learn In This Guide:

Our breast surgery guide will help guide you on your decision to have breast surgery. You’ll find out the facts about breast surgery, the questions to ask in your consultation and the importance of choosing the right team to assist with your enhancement. With our glossary of terms, you’ll get a closer look at your options and understand all the terminology that goes along with making the right decision for your body and yourself.

All About
Breast Surgery

Each year, millions of people choose to enhance or reduce their breast area to finally achieve the look they’ve been hoping for. Whether you want to pump up or reduce down the size of your breasts , breast surgery is the right choice for getting the look you’ve always wanted.

Having breast surgery is a big decision but it doesn’t have to be a scary process. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel. Breast surgery is used to fix breasts that are larger on one side than the other or to help enhance the shape or look of the breasts.

Breast surgery can also reduce the size of larger breasts and help restore form and lift after you’ve gone through pregnancy. For those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, enhancement surgery can help restore your chest.

The following breast surgery guide and glossary will help you identify terms and answer many questions you may have about breast surgery.

Common Breast Surgery Questions

Whether you are thinking about breast surgery for cosmetic reasons or if there is a medical reason for enhancing or reducing your breasts, the procedure can yield great results that will boost your confidence. Most issues that are bothersome to you will be alleviated with breast surgery.

How will I know which breast surgery is right for me?

There are three common categories that your breast surgery will fall into. A breast augmentation procedure enhances the look of your breasts, most often using implants to increase volume. A breast lift takes your own tissues and pulls up sagging breasts for a lifted appearance. A breast reduction surgery helps remove tissue and fat that causes bothersome larger breasts that are causing problems for you.

  • Breast augmentation to fill the breast area
  • Breast lift to pull up a sagging breast
  • Breast reduction to remove tissue and fat

How to change the size and appearance?

If you want to change the size, look or shape of your breasts, you may be a perfect candidate for a breast surgery. Candidates for cosmetic breast surgery are looking to enhance the size, appearance or shape of their current breasts. Sometimes you might forget that nipple surgery also falls under the umbrella of breast surgery. You might want to reduce your nipples or areolas and or make them appear more symmetric. You might also want your nipples or areolas to appear smaller or more symmetric.

If this sounds like you, a breast surgery is something you want to explore. When considering breast augmentation, you must be over the age of 18 for implants and over 22 for silicone implants.

Will I be able to choose the surgery I want?

To get the exact look that works well for your body type, you’ll want to meet with your doctor for a consultation to ensure you’re a great candidate for breast surgery. This may mean your doctor will review your medical history and think about aesthetic challenges that will help with your surgery. Your surgeon will most definitely listen to your wants and wishes for your procedure and your future, so that you can both agree on a procedure that’s just perfect for you.

Measurements may be taken and your doctor may walk you through the surgery procedure. This will be a great time to ask any questions you may have. Ensuring that you meet with your surgeon ahead of time can help your surgery process overall.

Are Implants An Option?

If you want to enhance your breast volume and shape, then implants are a great option for doing so. Using a surgical called the inframammary technique, breast implants are inserted through a small incision usually located in the crease if the breast. Implants are then put under or over the chest muscles until they are positioned perfectly. Two other ways they are inserted include around the nipple or under the arm, though these techniques are not as common.

Breast Implants

Understanding Silicone Vs. Saline

When choosing to get breast implants, there are a few important things to know.  The implants of the past are really on the outs while new improved implants claim the number one spot.

saline silicone

Silicone Implants

The outer layer of all implants is made of silicone. Inside, the silicone layer is filled with a silicone gel that gives a natural feel and texture while being extremely durable. Silicone inserts can form into an anatomic (tear drop) style to give a natural line.  The newest implant known as the Gummy Bear Implant is all the rage right now and offers durability with long-lasting, safer results.

zuri plastic surgery

Saline Implants

Though still available but not as commonly used today, saline implants are Implants filled with saline are adjustable to the size and style that you want but they have a more rounded appearance. Since saline implants are filled with sterile salt water, they are safer for your body should there be a leak. Saline implants are also easier to notice if they do rupture.

About the
Actual Procedure

Following your consultation with your surgeon, you’ll be given instructions for your surgery. This may include eating or drinking restrictions or special washing instructions before surgery. Here, you’ll have another chance to ask any questions prior to your surgery.

For your surgery, you’ll be given general anesthesia. Your surgeon will perform your surgery and then you’ll be monitored until you wake up. Once you’ve met all discharge requirements, you’ll be able to return home to heal.

Recovery & Care
for Best Results

When you return home, there will be a set of recovery rules to follow. These will include tips for handling pain, the best ways to heal and what to look out for when considering unwanted side effects.

After surgery, you’ll want to take some time to heal which may mean scheduling some time off from work. You’ll come home wrapped in a special care bandage that will help your breasts heal.

You’ll be given specific instructions for removing your stitches and the healing of your specific incisions. It will most likely take about a week before you can resume normal activities and about 6 weeks before you can begin exercising or other physical activities.

When your swelling goes down, you’ll love the results of breast surgery. Make sure to keep all follow-up appointments and follow all instructions for healing after surgery to get the best results.


Breast surgery can come with a lot to think about. Here, we break down the terms for you so that you can understand what surgery options are available to you and what might be the best pick for you.

Breast AugmentationBreast Aug Video
This type of surgery enhances your breast size and shape using breast implants. The surgery works best for candidates that have a smaller chest size or breast that are uneven. Breast augmentation surgery can also help with breasts that have lost elasticity and volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Removal of Breast ImplantsDuring a procedure called explantation, implants may need to be removed for several different reasons. You may be a candidate for this procedure if you aren’t happy with your implants or you need to adjust the size of your implants whether larger or smaller. Also, if you’re experiencing a rupture or a leakage of fluid, you may elect to have your implants removed.
Breast Lift / MastopexyA mastopexy is performed to lift sagging breasts or breasts that have lowered due to the effects of gravity, heredity or pregnancy and breastfeeding. A breast lift will help remove extra skin and reshape and tighten the nipples, areola and breasts to give a tight, lifted look.

Breast LIFT Video
Levantamiento de senos

Breast Implants + Breast LiftAfter lifting the breasts, implants can be used to give them a larger, fuller appearance. It works much in the same was as augmentation but also lifts the excess tissue and skin so that your implants rest at a higher position on the chest defying the problem of gravity.
Breast ReductionA breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing experience. Larger chests or breasts that get in the way of your normal daily activities can benefit from reducing the breast size and mass. This type of surgery can also be used to help ease neck and back pain that may be associated with carrying larger breasts. A breast reduction can also help with chaffing and allow you to participate in physical activities that your larger breasts currently prevent.
Gynecomastia / Male Breast ReductionA swelling of tissue in the male chest can be due to an imbalance of hormones. Most likely, there is an upset of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. This imbalance can cause the male chest to look larger, like a female bosom. The imbalance is usually treated with drug therapy but if that treatment doesn’t work, breast surgery to remove the extra tissue shows great results. In men, an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and estrogen can lead to a swelling of breast tissue in the male chest. Normally treated with drug therapy, certain cases will require surgical removal of the extra tissue if medicine doesn’t work.
Breast RevisionIf you’ve previously had a breast surgery that you weren’t thrilled with or if you think it’s time to make a change, a breast revision surgery can help you make adjustments to your prior surgery or make changes that will make your surgery work better for you.
Areola SurgeryEveryone is familiar with the terminology of the nipple but some disregard the importance of the areola, the darker area around the nipple. This area can cause great distress if you are unhappy with the sizes, shape or color of your areola. Some may be uneven or too large, some may be enlarged enough to be seen through certain outfits. This surgery is a great option for both men and women.
Nipple SurgeryYou may consider nipple surgery if you have one of the three types of inverted nipples or if your nipples are larger than you would like. You might also have nipples that protrude far out and make it uncomfortable to wear certain outfits. Nipple surgery can help create smaller nipples that are symmetrical or to help relieve inverted nipples.

How to Get Started

Choosing a certified team to work with is the first step to a smooth breast surgery. You want a team that helps make your wishes come true and is able to answer all of your questions. You also want to make sure they know all the cutting edge techniques and the best ways to get you the look you want without any extra incisions.