Prevena Incision Therapy

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Healing is Everything; Make It a Priority

When considering plastic surgery, several important factors may come to mind that will ensure the best possible outcome. What technique or method is right for you? What type of facility or practice should you choose? And extremely crucial, which plastic surgeon will you trust to perform your procedure? Something that is equally important but often not considered enough is how will my surgeon and I ensure safe and proper healing?

The healing process is critical after surgery and can make a huge difference in how long it takes to heal, whether follow-up care is needed, and the extent of visible scarring. Active wound care with Prevena Incision Therapy in Miami gives you and your surgeon an advantage in helping you heal so you can return to your daily life without complications and enjoy your enhanced physique.

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Prevena Incision Therapy at Zuri Plastic Surgery

The team at Zuri Plastic Surgery, are committed to not only providing stellar aesthetic results but also ensuring that every patient in every procedure is comfortable, cared for, and able to get back to their daily life as soon as possible. At our office in Miami Prevena Incision Therapy is used for wound care after plastic surgery, and helps accelerate healing so you can rest, recover and get moving again.

What is Prevena Incision Therapy?

Prevena Incision Therapy is an active wound care device that works in several different ways to promote healing and prevent complications. This incision management system can effectively help patients avoid superficial infections, especially those at a higher risk.

Placed over the incision and surrounding skin, the specialized dressing is attached via a tube to a small, battery-powered unit that delivers continuous negative pressure to the incision. This pressure helps hold the edges of the incision together, creating a better barrier for contamination, decreasing the tension on sutures, and reducing swelling. The system also improves excess fluid collection in the area and helps with pain management. In most cases, better healing means less noticeable scarring.

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How is Prevena Incision Therapy used?

The dressing and device are applied during the surgical procedure after the incision has been sutured and closed but before the patient is woken from anesthesia. The battery-operated gentle suction system lasts for seven days, and Dr. Z typically recommends use for the duration of that time.

On day seven, the dressing can be removed by either the patient or by our medical staff in the office. Zuri Plastic Surgery usually offers Prevena Incision Therapy to aid with incision management for the following surgeries: arm lift (brachioplasty), back lift (torsoplasty), breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), mommy makeover, thigh lift (thighplasty), and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

Miami Prevena Incision Therapy diagram

When is Prevena Incision Therapy not used?

While Prevena Incision Therapy is an outstanding aid for major surgeries and large incisions, we do not use it in every procedure. Smaller incisions that are made for facelifts, neck lifts, other facial surgeries, and tiny liposuction incisions are not extensive enough to require this treatment. These types of incisions typically heal very well on their own and do not create the challenges that larger body surgery incisions have the potential for.

Benefits of Prevena Incision Therapy

With any surgery, proper healing and wound care is critical for positive outcomes. With em, the desire to have the most minimal scarring possible is also a significant factor, and incision management is a huge part of how a scar will turn out.

When using Prevena Incision Therapy Miami patients can shorten healing time, avoid the need for hospital stays or revision surgeries, and get you to the point where you can enjoy the aesthetic improvements from your surgery sooner. Using this device can help:

  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Improve wound healing duration and quality
  • Decrease wound separation by holding together incision edges
  • Improve final scar result
  • Help stave off fluids and bacteria
  • Acts as an effective barrier against incisional stress and protects the wound and surrounding skin

Ask About Prevena Incision Therapy During Your Miami, FL, Plastic Surgery Consultation at Zuri Plastic Surgery

Dr. Alexander Zurriarian is dedicated to ensuring that his patients experience the best possible outcomes. Using the latest in wound care technology is a crucial part of his premier surgical methods. If you're considering plastic surgery, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with em. Contact us today at 786.804.1603 or schedule a consultation online.

Prevena Incision Therapy FAQS

What are the risks associated with Prevena Incision Therapy?

Prevena Incision Therapy is FDA-approved, has documented safety and effectiveness information, and is em. Possible minor side effects from this technique could include skin irritation or discomfort during dressing changes.

Which procedures utilize Prevena Incision Therapy?

We use this device to promote healing after breast reduction, breast lift, brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, thigh lift, and back lift.

How long does Prevena Incision Therapy last?

The typical length of use will depend on which procedure the device is being used with. The device will shut off on its own after seven days.

How much does Prevena Incision Therapy cost?

The cost of using Prevena Incision Therapy to prevent healing complications varies depending on how large the incision area is and if there are multiple incisions, as in the case of a mommy makeover.

Does my insurance cover Prevena Incision Therapy?

When used as part of cosmetic surgery recovery, this device is typically not covered by medical insurance.

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