Zuri Plastic Surgery Mission Statement

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Our Mission


To Accomplish this Mission

We deliver...

  • Safety: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of patient care to ensure our patients receive the most technically sound and safe surgery with the least impact in terms of discomfort or downtime. To ensure this, we use the most rigorous known protocols and pursue constant, advanced training, education, and scientific innovation to stay well ahead of the curve.
  • Compassion: We believe every person deserves to be treated with personalized non-judgmental attention that exhibits heartfelt kindness, empathy, and understanding of the person’s very unique, vulnerable, and emotional journey.
  • Attentiveness: We recognize and respect our patient’s incredible investment they are making in themselves (and us), in terms of trust, bravery, time, and finances and, consequently, we pay attention to the details—both big and small—that serve to enhance each patient’s experience and outcomes.
  • Passion: We are incredibly dedicated to our work because people’s quality of life and long-term joy depends on our collective skill set.

We consistently...

  • Listen: To solve a patient’s problem, address their concerns, or help them realize their dreams, we must begin by listen- ing with undivided, focused attention. Only through fully- present listening can we serve our patients with excellence.
  • Educate: A happy, confident patient is a well-educated one. Therefore, we never cut corners in the time a patient needs to become fully educated about every aspect of their treatment, surgical, and follow-up plan.
  • Support: We support one another as a high performing team—unselfishly and without hierarchy. We unconditionally support our patients through every stage of their journey with us, and this support continues long after their surgery is complete.
  • Care: Care has many nuances in our practice. It is multi- fold. Our clinical care is surpassed by none. Our patient care experience is thoughtful, synchronized, and complete. Our genuine care for people and the “human condition” is not something that can be trained...it’s engrained in the nature of everyone we hire.
  • Give Our Best Every Day: In the high-stakes world of plastic surgery, there simply isn’t any room to give any less. Our team, our patients, and our profession deserve nothing but the best, so we deliver it with unwavering commitment—on the daily.

Why our Mission Matters...

At Zuri Plastic Surgery, we believe that many people feel self-conscious about their appearance and dream about looking and feeling better about themselves. When someone improves their physical appearance, they quite literally “come alive,” and exude more confidence in their interactions with others. Confidence is infectious, and it permeates through personal, professional, and family life—with a profound positive impact. Zuri Plastic Surgery provides the most refined, results-driven plastic surgery experience in Miami because everybody deserves a safe and effective way to achieve the best version of themselves and radiate genuine inner confidence.

Everybody deserves the opportunity to transform their outward physical appearance to align with their inward sense of self. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. To live your best life, this congruency is necessary, and we are experts in helping our patients achieve this invigorating alignment.

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