Brow Lift

What Benefits are there from a Brow Lift?

Many individuals can find they appear tired, angry or sad. Some of this can be through the aging process, where lines begin to form on the forehead and skin droops toward the eyes. There are the instances when these lines are created on the forehead from continually pulling up the brow to prevent dropping skin from blocking a person’s vision.

The benefits can include the reduction of frown lines, reducing skin around the eyebrows, repositioning eyebrows, which sit too low and tightening skin that has lost its elasticity through aging.

Brow Lift Consultations

It is vital to have a consultation with Dr. Zuriarrain in his Miami, FL clinic so he can determine which kind of brow lift procedure will best suit the patient. He will run through the various kinds of brow lift or forehead lift as it is also commonly known.

Depending on the patient, the doctor will recommend which kind of procedure best fits their needs to obtain their goals. He will perform an examination to check the current eyebrow position, the amount of excess skin above the upper eyelid and the level of the hairline.

Unless the symptoms are severe, then an endoscopic brow lift procedure may suffice. The doctor will explain all the options, and the results that can be gained.

After an examination, he will run through a patient’s medical history. He will also check there is no smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or that the patient isn’t using recreational drugs. If there is any use of these, or the patient is on medication, then the procedure may be delayed until there has been sufficient time of not partaking in these substances.

During a Brow Lift

It doesn’t matter if the patients is having a routine brow lift, or a more extensive forehead lift, they will both be performed as an outpatient. Two forms of anesthesia are available for this quick facial plastic surgery, which are local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

The procedure itself takes around two hours depending on the extent of the work, and along with this, it can take two different techniques.

A traditional brow lift uses an incision just behind the hairline that stretches across the forehead to both ears. From here, the skin is lifted and excess tissue removed. At the same time, there will be an adjustment of the muscles, and the eyebrows may be lifted into a more natural position. The incisions will be closed with sutures or staples, and a protective gauze placed over the areas where the work has been done.

If the procedure can make use of an endoscope, this can leave far less scarring. Dr. Zuriarrain will make between three and five small incisions behind the hairline, and then the endoscope is fed inside where muscles, skin and tissue are adjusted through the remaining incisions. This procedure is far less intrusive, and can suit many more individuals.

Following a Brow Lift

Patients can return home on the same day and depending which of the two procedures have been performed will dictate the amount of swelling. Dr. Zuriarrain will advise patients to walk around minimizing the chances of blood clots, and to help promote healing.

If surgical staples were used to close the incisions, these will be removed after around one week with any stitches. In the majority of cases, a patient is able to return to regular activities after four to six days when most of the swelling and bruising will fade. Strenuous activities should be refrained from for up to six weeks, and scar lines should fade after a few months.