Thigh Lift

Why do I Need a Thigh Lift?

There are numerous reasons why the appearance of the skin can change. In the thigh area, this can be from natural aging, or childbirth where weight was gained and lost, yet the excess remains, and no amount of exercise will remove it.

Women can be very conscious of this, because it affects their appearance and the types of clothes they are able to wear. Dr. Z can perform a thigh lift to deliver smoother and balanced proportions on the thighs and surrounding areas.

A thigh lift in itself isn’t directly intended to remove excess fat. Liposuction is often used in tandem to address these areas and then the excess skin is removed to deliver the results.

Thigh Lift Consultations

Dr. Zuriarrain will hold an initial consultation in the Miami, FL clinic. He explains the thighplasty procedure, and how it balances these areas with the rest of the body. He will also explain the different kinds of thigh lifts available, and how they affect different areas.

  • Inner thigh lifts target portions in the lower part of the inner thigh
  • Bilateral thigh lifts target skin and tissue toward the front and out portions of the thigh
  • Medial thigh lifts focus on skin and fatty deposits toward the top part of the inner thigh

Bilateral thigh lifts can be more intense than inner and medial procedures, and can result in an overnight stay.

All through the consultation, patients will learn the best procedure for them once the doctor makes a thorough examination. He will go through past medical histories to be sure there is nothing, which will create complications or issues during the procedure.

Pictures will be taken for reference, and to be used for the before and after shots. All patients need to be open with their answers, and to make sure they ask about anything that they are unsure.

Recovery from Thighplasty

As with other plastic surgeries, patients will suffer from swelling and bruising. Compression garments will be a requirement for support and as a means of controlling swelling in the thigh areas.

They may insert small drainage tubes to drain fluid and excess blood; these can help reduce risk of infection.

Sutures will be removed in a couple of weeks, yet during this time, they advise patients not to use the bathtub, swim or use hot tubs. Dr. Zuriarrain will advise when use of these can continue.

Patients often return to work after ten days, and patients can undertake a full range of physical activities after four to six weeks. Patients will see results after a few months once all swelling finally subsides.

Thigh Lift Procedures

A thighplasty procedure takes around two to three hours from start to finish. They place patients under general anesthesia before the surgeon makes the incisions. The areas will be marked out already, and the consultation will determine which areas these are. They make these markings as the patient’s stands, so the surgeon can get the natural lie of the tissues.

Depending which portion of the thigh requires attention will determine where they make the incisions.

Inner thigh incisions run from the groin and run down to wrap around the back of the thigh. Other incisions can run down the inseam to the knee from the groin. On some occasions, these inner thigh lifts only require one incision in the groin area.

Outer thigh lift incisions may run from the groin to circle around to the back and passing the hip on the way. No matter which incisions they make. Dr. Zuriarrain tries to be sure there will be minimal signs of scarring and hides these incisions in natural places on the body where their sight is minimal.

When the outer thigh is the target area, then the incision and portion of skin they will lift can include the entire thigh and the buttocks. Like some other procedures, they use liposuction to remove excessive fat deposits.

Once the surgeon sees the ideal amount of fat is removed, they tighten the tissues and trim the excess skin before closing the incisions.

I’m ready to go for it!

What are the next steps?

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