Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Many women strive for an appearance that empowers them to become better versions of themselves. A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is one way they seek to achieve this. Although this enhances and heightens the form of the buttocks. Hips and waists are contoured at the same time.

One think that is great about the procedure is, there is less chance of rejection from the body because it is the patient’s own fat cells that are injected back into the buttocks to deliver the curvaceous shape they are looking for.

Why would I Need a BBL?

Genetics affect the shape of your buttocks, the frame of your body, and how fat will be stored. All this will be an influence on how the body looks, and in this case, the lower half. Exercise and a healthy diet can aid in maintaining an ideal weight and a healthy muscle tone, for many, the buttock may look flat and lack shape.

When patients see Dr. Z for a Brazilian Butt Lift, he will explain what a patient can hope to achieve by this procedure. Here are the main areas a BBL can target:

  • Enhancing bodily curves
  • Reducing pockets of bodily fat
  • Delivering a youthful appearance
  • Improving the body’s balance between the upper and lower parts


Before a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Zuriarrain holds his initial consultation to get to know the patient, and to educate them what they will entail in a BBL. Both sides will ask questions at this stage, and the doctor will determine if the likely candidate has any medical conditions or they are taking medications, which may cause complications.

Patients will need to divulge any smoking, supplements, or is they use any recreational drugs, because these can cause problems during a surgical procedure.

After a thorough examination, the doctor will show the patient the areas of their body that fat will be removed. Liposuction will target the hips, thighs, lower back and abdomen among the main areas.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Patients who make ideal candidates will go under general anesthesia for this procedure. Like any liposuction, there are small incisions made in the body close to where fat deposits are removed.

This fat is removed from the body by a cannula, where it is then separated and purified. After this phase of the procedure, the cleaned fat will be injected back into the body at certain positioning around the buttocks to enhance the shape and increase volume.

Once this has been done, the incisions will be closed and surgical dressings fitted. On some occasions, patients may also need compression garments or elastic bandages depending on the extent of the fat removed via liposuction.

After a BBL Procedure

Oral painkillers can be taken if there is extreme discomfort, and to help swelling subside after the procedure. It is also advisable for all patients to walk around after this procedure to minimize the risks of blood clotting.

A patient should be able to return to regular activities after two weeks. A patient should refrain from physical activity or exercise for up to six weeks unless advised otherwise by Dr. Zuriarrain’s Miami, FL clinic.

One of the hardest things for most patients is to refrain from direct sitting on their buttocks for two weeks after a BBL.

Because this fat is from the patient, there is between 50 to 80% chance the fat will acclimate in the new location. With this in mind, it may be a requirement for some patients to undergo further fat grafting procedures to reach the desired goals.

I’m ready to go for it!

What are the next steps?

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