Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Overview

The correct term for this procedure is abdominoplasty. When patients undergo this, the surgeon will remove underlying fatty deposits and excess skin. There is often a need for this procedure because of aging, where the skin loses the elasticity to hold it in place, and thus, you end up with folds of loose skin.

There can be a requirement for abdominoplasty in the cases of severe weight loss, after childbirth or the stomach muscles weaken. This can affect men as well as women aside from the instance of pregnancy.

When patients are seeking this procedure, they are looking to regain some self-confidence by having the abdominal region transformed back to something it once resembled.

Before a Tummy Tuck Procedure

During an initial consultation, Dr. Z will examine many areas. Patients may think it is the stomach, yet there are other areas that need considering. Abdomen, flanks and the waist are areas that will go to make up a successful tummy tuck.

All of these will undergo a thorough examination to takes sizes and measure the quality and the thickness of the skin. The doctor checks what he thinks he can remove, tighten and rejuvenate to deliver the ideal results in the area of the stomach.

Depending on the patient, he also needs to calculate where the final incisions will rest so they fall out of sight under a bikini or waist of shorts in men, and the ideal placement of the navel once the procedure is over.

Dr. Zuriarrain also runs through a patient’s history to make sure they are not smoking, taking herbal supplements, or they are not partaking in recreational drugs. Adding to this, he needs to know of medication the patient is taking, or if there are medical conditions, the patient is suffering.

The consultation is a two-way process, and all patients need to ask any questions they think of at this time.

Once all areas are complete, Dr. Zuriarrain will apply a surgical dressing.

Recovery from a Tummy Tuck

In some instances, Dr. Z may perform an abdominoplasty procedure as part of a mommy makeover, or with a breast lift or breast augmentation. If these are conducted at the same time, the healing process may be different.

For the abdominoplasty procedure, patients will find they have a drain tube inserted under the skin to remove excess waste fluids. To allow the muscles to recover fully, it is vital to wear a compression garment.

With this kind of procedure, you can expect a recovery time to span from two weeks up to two months depending on the patient’s circumstances and extent of the procedure.

Patients notice results immediately because of what was removed, the tightening of the muscles and skin. Nevertheless, and strenuous activity needs to be avoided for up to six weeks.

One thing for patients to remember is this is not a one-shot solution to all their problems in this area. They will need to maintain a healthy balanced diet to prolong the desirable results, or they will face the same issues as before.

The Abdominoplasty Procedure

An abdominoplasty procedure can take between two to five hours to complete. General anesthesia will be used, before two incisions will be made.

First is from the hipbone on one side of the patient’s body, and this reaches to the corresponding hipbone on the other side. As it runs across the body, it runs close to the pubic area. The second incision is around the navel.

Skin is separated from abdominal muscles, and then the muscles are pulled together and sewn into place to deliver a narrower waist and tighter abdomen.

The loose skin will be pulled down to where it meets the lower portion, and then all the excess will be removed. If there are any fat deposits, these will be removed before the navel is relocated into a natural position, and the incisions are closed.

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