Breast Revision
(with areola reduction and nipple correction)

What is Breast Revision with Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction?

Many women go through breast augmentation who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. Depending on how good the plastic surgeon was, and there were no complications, the majority of women are happy with the results.

Yet, there are some cases where results are not as expected, or over time, things go wrong with the implants.

Problems, which can occur, are

  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance
  • Scar tissue around the breast implants (Capsular contracture)
  • Rippling of the implant
  • Implant rupture
  • Dissatisfaction of the appearance and size of the implants

Revision surgery addresses the above issues, and many more that can occur. There are two areas, which a woman can have changed at the same time as this breast revision. Areola reduction and nipple correction.

What is Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction?

Areolas are the large pigmented areas that surround the nipples. These differ in size and color for each woman. While it is normal for areolas to be different sizes, they do give some women a complex that dents their self-confidence.

In some instances, there may be one, which is disproportionate to the other. In the cases of nipples, either these can be normal or the woman has long or droopy nipples along with her puffy or enlarged areolae.

While Dr. Z performs areola reduction for mainly aesthetic needs in most cases. Nipple reduction may be required to balance one larger one, or they may deliver lots of pain and discomfort to the woman because of their size.

After Breast Revision Surgery

Like any breast surgery, patients will find they may have soreness, redness and bruising. Dr. Zuriarrain will advise the best painkillers to take. A supporting compression garment may be worn to help deliver support and control swelling before reverting to a soft supportive bra.

It can take around a week for most of the swelling and bruising to subside when patients can think about returning to work.

Any physical activity needs to be refrained from for a few weeks until all the soreness and swelling have gone.

Full results should be seen after a few weeks for the breast revision and for the areola and nipple corrections. Dr. Zuriarrain will have a follow up check to make sure everything is as it should and the signs of scars are hidden as much as possible. Stitches will be removed, and there is a chance you will have a visible scar running around the edge of your newly sized areola.

What Happens in During Surgery?

Just prior to the surgery, the areas will be marked out where the incisions will take place. The breast revision will be the larger portion of the surgery, and will be tended to first. Once the implants are removed, replaced, the patient will be ready for the next phase.

Because breast sizes may be different, or have been affected by further aging or the effects of the implants, the areola and nipple may need to be tended to for relocation.

It is this reason why areola reduction and nipple correction are best done with breast revision procedures. Dr. Zuriarrain will cut a circle around the nipple and a second around this before removing the donut piece of tissue.

At this phase, the nipple can be corrected before permanent sutures are used to close all of the incisions. Once all these procedures are complete, the areola will be the new size and in a natural position on the breasts.

How to Get Started

Choosing a certified team to work with is the first step to a smooth breast surgery. You want a team that helps make your wishes come true and is able to answer all of your questions. You also want to make sure they know all the cutting edge techniques and the best ways to get you the look you want without any extra incisions.