Eyelid Surgery

Why Would I Need Eyelid Surgery?

There is no getting away from the effects of aging. It can happen to us all, and the main area that shows is in the facial region. We first see wrinkles around the eyes, and then other areas form deep creases, lines and folds as the skin loses elasticity, the face muscles weaken and we lose collagen.
Dr. Zuriarrain understands how the effects of aging can deliver a severe knock to a patient’s self-confidence. Anyone, male or female can be a possible candidate for a facelift procedure.

Through a thorough consultation, they work together with the patient to determine what the goals will be for the facial rejuvenation procedure. A facelift will lift the soft tissues, redistribute fat, tighten the facial muscles and then remove any portions of excess skin to deliver a more youthful look.

Before Eyelid Surgery

Before Dr. Zuriarrain performs any plastic surgery, there will be a consultation in the Miami, FL clinic. This is held to determine the goals and expectations of the patient, and to also deliver any options or alternatives for the procedure. In some instances, Blepharoplasty will be performed along with a brow lift.

With a thorough physical examination, Dr. Zuriarrain will check skin elasticity, fat deposits, or the extent of hooding or drooping over the eyes. He will discuss the site locations for the incisions, and how they will be hidden in place like below the lash line, in the natural creases of the upper lids, or inside the lower eyelid.

He will run through medical histories to make sure there are no medications, herbal supplements, nicotine products or recreational drugs being used. If everything is fine, he will give plenty of advice what will happen in the run up to the procedure.

During Blepharoplasty Procedures

Patients can have either local or general anesthesia, and the surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. If the eyelid surgery is being performed as a standalone operation, this takes around two hours.

Incisions will be made in the areas discussed during the consultation for each area that will be receiving attention. Once these are made, then excess fat will be repositioned and tissues lifted and placed in the optimum positions. Any excess skin or tissue will be trimmed before incisions are closed and gauze used to cover areas.

After Blepharoplasty Procedures

Dr. Zuriarrain will advise patients to walk around for the first couple of days after their eyelid surgery. This promotes healing and helps reduce the chances of blood clots forming. For the majority of patients, they are able to return to regular activities after around ten days.

Most of the swelling and bruising will diminish during this time, although patients are advised not to undertake anything to physical during the first few weeks.

Any scarring will fade over a few months, yet light cosmetics may be used to conceal any remaining bruising. If venturing outside, then the use of sunglasses is advised for further protection.