Mini Lift/ Micro Mini Lift

Who May Need a Mini Lift?

Candidates in their 40s to 50s who see they are beginning to show signs of aging in the neck and jawline region can be possible candidates for a Mini or Micro Mini lift. These procedures are suitable for individuals who are not in the need of a full facelift.

These procedures are far less invasive, and can take much less time, as well as a faster healing period. These can often be performed with other procedures on the higher portion of the face while the mini lift concentrates on the lower portions.

Before a Mini or Micro Mini Lift

Dr. Zuriarrain will conduct a consultation so he can determine what kind of procedure is required. While many individuals automatically think a deep plane facelift will be in order for them, they are relieved when they find they can look ten years younger without as much effort or discomfort.

The doctor will conduct a physical examination to understand the elasticity of the skin and tissue; he can then determine which is the correct procedure to follow on with. Even if these procedures are not as traumatic to the patient, he will still go through medical histories, and find if they are on any medications, or using herbal supplements, recreational drugs or they smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol.

There will be pictures taken for reference, and as part of the before and after shots. The patients can then see their goals have been met.

During a Mini Lift/ Micro Mini Lift Procedure

These mini lift’s and micro mini lift operations are performed as an outpatient procedure, and can often be performed with just local anesthesia, however, patients can have general anesthesia if required.

Both of these procedures use smaller incisions than the ones made in a full facelift. These are hidden in strategic places so there will be minimal visible scarring once the procedure is over.

Dr. Zuriarrain will make full use of these closed face lift procedures by entering under the skin from as few areas as possible. Subdermal tissue and fat can be repositioned into their original positions and the skin smoothed over the newly positioned tissue. In many cases, there is very little skin to be trimmed in comparison to full facelifts.

The incisions are then closed before the patient is ready to leave. The entire procedure can take as little as one and a half hours to complete.

After a Mini Lift/ Micro Mini Lift

While these procedures are less invasive than a full facelift, patients can still expect some soreness, swelling and bruising. This subsides over a few days, and if there is pain, it can be controlled with oral painkillers.

Many individuals find they can get back to light duties or work after around four days, whereas the full healing process can take up to fourteen days before the full youthful effects can be seen. Stitches can be seen for up to one week, but these are more commonly hidden in longer hair or behind the ears.