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Dr. Zuriarrain strives for ideal aesthetic outcomes, as evidenced by his glowing reviews, professional accolades, and status as a quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon. However, there are rare instances when a patient is dissatisfied with their results. Unfortunately, no plastic surgeon can avoid this reality, regardless of their skill level or credentials.

Managing patient expectations

Like art, beauty is subjective. Ultimately, the surgical fee is for the performance of a procedure, not a guaranteed result.

The cosmetic outcome of one patient does not guarantee a similar outcome for another. Factors such as individual differences in healing and anatomical characteristics will render a postoperative result that is unique to each patient.

While cosmetic surgery can make you look younger, it does not stop the natural aging process nor is it meant to be a weight loss intervention.

What is your Revision Policy?

In the event you and Dr. Zuriarrain agree to a revision, you will only be responsible for the following:

  • Operating room/facility fee
  • Medical supplies and staffing costs
  • Anesthesia fees

The revision procedure must take place within a year of the original surgery date in order to waive his surgeon fee. A year after the initial surgery, any requests for revision will be billed as a new procedure. It is the patient’s responsibility to pay these fees.

What is not considered a Revision?

Dr. Zuriarrain strives to exceed expectations. However, there are some situations that are outside of his control.

The following scenarios do not qualify under the revision policy:

  • Capsular contracture after Breast Augmentation
  • Relaxation of the breasts, face, brow, or neck skin that occurs over time
  • Change of preference regarding implant size or shape
  • Weight gain after liposuction/abdominoplasty with desire for additional fat removal

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