What procedures are included in a Miami mommy makeover?

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Mommy Makeover Miami

Mommy makeover to look your best

Mommy makeovers are the answer for women who want a shapelier appearance after a number of pregnancies and months or years of nursing. It is totally understandable to love motherhood, and to not love what having children has done to your body. If you want to alter some of the changes that have occurred with your body, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami has a variety of ways to help you look and feel your best. What is actually a combination of procedures has become commonly known as a mommy makeover to describe how we can help you if you’ve had children and want to return to your pre-pregnancy figure.

What procedures are provided in a mommy makeover?

The procedures that are provided can differ from patient to patient. The first thing that a top-rated plastic surgeon will do is listen to you, and understand what you would like to change. Liposuction or body contouring may be suitable, or you may want a tummy tuck. In some cases, a mother may also want a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Procedures to improve the belly

Perhaps you have an excessive amount of skin on your belly, or your belly seems too round. An abdominoplasty, or what is known as a tummy tuck is a procedure to consider. Typically, this procedure requires some liposuction on the flanks. Excess skin is removed from the belly and the abdominal wall is tightened to remove the round appearance to the belly. The procedure you will leave you with a flatter tummy and a trimmer waist, much like you had prior to pregnancy.

What can be done to improve my breasts?

Women who breast feed their children often notice a deflated appearance to the breasts. They may seem to be hanging lower than they were prior to pregnancy. This can be addressed using breast augmentation. Occasionally, implants will be necessary to restore the breast shape. In some cases, you may have enough breast tissue to forego the use of implants. For those whose breast volume is simply in the wrong place, it can be improved with a breast lift procedure. Your outcome should be a fuller appearance and more projection from your breasts.

A top-rated plastic surgeon in Miami

Locally recognized as Dr. Z, Dr. Alexander Zuriarrain is a top-rated Miami plastic surgeon with a passion for perfectionism and attention to detail. Dr. Z understands the importance of an individualized approach. He adapts his procedures to every patient's unique body type. You are an important voice in the process as he combines your goals with his experience, giving his patients excellent results in a setting that is focused on patient safety. Well-known for his surgical talent, his patients enjoy his warm, caring personality and appreciate his professional bedside manner. Dr. Z sees patients not only in Miami, but across the United States and Latin America. Call today to request a Miami office or virtual consultation to learn more about individually focused plastic surgery.

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