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Enhance your comfort after surgery

Dr. Zuriarrain’s state-of-the-art post-surgery pain packages are ideal for patients who desire the most comfortable recovery possible without relying on narcotic pain medication.

Why is post-surgery pain management important?

Taking the edge off any pain you might experience after surgery can have tremendous benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. It allows you to feel more like yourself sooner so you can focus on enjoying your downtime and forthcoming results.

Choosing one of Dr. Z’s pain packages may also:

  • Decrease nausea and dizziness after anesthesia
  • Reduce post-operative pain by more than 50 percent
  • Allow you to resume light activities sooner, which improves your recovery
  • Take the guesswork out of what analgesics to take for pain relief
  • Lower reliance on narcotic pain medication, which can be addictive
  • Avoid side effects of narcotics such as mental fog, confusion, drowsiness, slow breathing, upset stomach, and constipation

Post Surgery Pain Packages

Drawing on years of research/science, patient feedback, and his experience as a quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Zuriarrain has curated the following pain packages for you to take advantage of:


EXPAREL® is a single-dose injectable drug that significantly decreases pain for up to 72 hours post-surgery. Exparel is injected during your surgery.


Ofirmev is an intravenous form of acetaminophen that minimizes acute pain following cosmetic surgical procedures. Ofirmev is administered during your surgery.


Gabapentin is a nerve pain medication taken by mouth just before surgery. It reaches peak effect within two hours of administration, thereby significantly reducing post-operative discomfort immediately after surgery, when pain tends to be most pronounced.

Dr. Z recommends the pain trifecta which consists of the combined administration of Exparel, Ofirmev and Gabapentin for maximum pain relief post-surgery.

What Post Surgery Pain Package is right for me?

Dr. Zuriarrain and his team will review your options and help you select the appropriate pain management plan for your unique needs. For general information about the Miami post surgery pain packages, call Zuri Plastic Surgery at 786.804.1603.

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